Erik von Stackelberg

Hi there! My name is Erik, modernist by day & postmodernist by night. I'm a product designer and process nerd, but I'm partial to basically anything you can create with a computer. Explore my work...

as Designer:

User interface design, digital identity work, user experience odds & ends: My Dribbble account showcases the visual side of my graphical interface work. DribbbleGo!

as Creative Director:

Process, research, design, product: My day job, an ongoing adventure with an amazing group of people! At Myplanet, we build web & mobile products that re-energize how people connect in the workplace.MyplanetGo!

as Design Volunteer:

I established DesigntoLove to help connect student designers with nonprofit groups. Currently, D2L serves as an outlet for my own entirely pro bono initiatives.DesigntoLoveGo!

as Bedroom Producer:

I produce music at the intersection of synthwave & nu-disco & William Gibson under the pseudonym of Beat Plastic. A pastiche of retro futurism or future retroism (depending on your perspective).Beat PlasticGo!

as Photographer:

Photography was my first love. I focus on the formal qualities of environments and objects I encounter in my intermittent travels.500pxGo!
CloseI'm currently unavailable for freelance or pro bono design work. However, I'll happily field questions and I'd love to hear your ideas on product design, music, photography, or theory. Cheers! :)

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